Becoming Don Quixote

I write about whatever comes to my mind in a given week. Updates whenever but regularly.


Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is David Falterman. I’m interested generally in a lot of things. I have bachelor’s degrees in piano performance and music theory from the University of North Texas. I play a lot of modern music by living composers and analyze a lot of nineteenth-century music by dead composers. I’m also a proud Catholic who enjoys tea, literature, detective shows, cooking, webcomics, philosophy, dogs, German language and culture, and whatever the person I’m talking with happens to be interested in.

In short, I’m an eclectic at heart. And because of this, my blog is similarly diverse. I don’t think you can expect much of a pattern as far as content goes, but I do hope I can create the expectation that with every post, I can make you think about something–or at least have a good laugh.

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